Cozy snuggly warmy toasty Mommy eeeeee!

One of my goals for 2014 is to spend 30 minutes each weekday actually playing with my children.

I know some folks wonder why I would even make or need such a goal. To some folks that sounds like a pathetically low number because they spend tons of playtime with their kids already. To some it sounds heavenly, because it’s so far out of the realm of possibility. And to some it simply sounds like torture.

But my children are six and four. They’re still utterly adorable more often than not.

And let me just caveat here at the outset – this is my goal, and there is no judgment in it towards myself or anybody else. My goal for my life. Not in a million years would I entertain the ludicrous notion that my goal ought to be someone else’s. Get your own goals from Jesus.

That said…today I found myself actually paying attention to Hannah while we ate lunch. And when she wanted to sit in my lap and finish her apple juice I said yes. She’s still small enough to curl up in my lap and have my arms fit around her, and she’s a super snuggle-bunny who’s still young enough to squeal with unabashed delight at the joy of being held.

It goes something like this: “Cozy snuggly warmy toasty Mommy eeeeee!”

I felt like the snowman from the new Disney movie: “I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs.” Cue charming, earnest, enormous, and thoroughly irresistible grin.

Later I tried playing a construction game with both kids, but gave up when no one could find any of the four steel balls that came with the game. You know, the game Samuel got for Christmas, a whole week ago. But we tried, and we had fun laughing at the toilet piece and the flying pig piece. And it was a little bit boring, moderately frustrating, kinda funny, thoroughly unproductive…and as just right as the little bear’s porridge.

So I don’t know if I hit my “goal” of 30 minutes today, but I know I interacted with my kids – beyond watching them on the playground while I talked on the phone…beyond inviting them to “help me” with one of my chores…beyond sitting together to watch Angelina Ballerina or “Deadliest Tornados”…beyond a side trip to Krispy Kreme that I try to pass off as “quality time.”

The day will come, and sooner than I am prepared for it, when I will hear my own words parroted from the lips of my children: “Not now. Just a minute. Can I not finish this first? Can I have just a few minutes to myself?”

But at least today I held those words back. And I’m grateful for the grace of that.

So score. For me, for them, for the bonds of mother and children, for what counts. At least today.

Meanwhile the dishes piled in the sink all day long….and still got put in the dishwasher by bedtime. By Daddy.

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