Air Travel Observations

Upon returning after a six-year hiatus

 Two immediate observations while traveling (by air) today:Image

1. Even when things go smoothly, like today (though the last several minutes of that first flight were rather lurchy), it’s still stressful. The rushing and the waiting, then more rushing and waiting. The mediocre food. The over-priced everything. And all of it overlaid with the ever-present suspicion foisted upon us by the TSA and that awkward body scanner, the FAA, and the audio loop over the PA system about watching your baggage…and then cinched by headlines about gone-wrong and missing commercial planes. And, light as the camel’s proverbial straw, at least in my case, the niggling dread of ending up with an obese or obnoxious or smelly seatmate.

2. I spent a full 30 minutes handwriting in a blank journal at an airport diner, and I felt like an absolute DINOSAUR. The few people who weren’t engrossed with a screen (be it three or 53 inches) were talking to each other; a smaller minority were reading something made out of paper; no one but me was using a pen on a blank page. What a world. I think of Julia lamenting the demise of her own handwriting due, pure and simple, to lack of regular employment. Because, outside of the occasional signature, who writes anything anymore beyond what can fit on a Post-It note? A part of me mourns the death of handwritten things (okay, a little exaggerated, I concede); some of me shrugs in resignation.

This new world has some distinct advantages…and distinct losses. Such is every transition. I just pray that I will be teachable, discerning, focused on Jesus (in a Matt. 6:33 kind of way), trusting in him, and ever obedient to whatever role he assigns me in every season of my life.

I walk with Jesus, and if he is my guide even through the valley of the shadow of death, he can care for me in this – in any – fearful world.

Oh what comfort. What peace to a harried heart. Jesus is with us, in us, around us, our light, our path, our center, our all in all. Ever our Rock.

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