Back on the blog wagon

“His word is like a fire shut up in my bones,” lamented the Great Lamenting prophet, Jeremiah.

Well, I’m certainly no prophet, and what I have to say is 100% my own words – except what I blatantly steal from better writers, which is more than I will ever admit.

But all this writing for assignment lately (paid & volunteer) has gotten to me, and I have been reminded how much I do love this.

Some days it flows, y’all. Some days it don’t.

But nearly every day I wish that I could sit down just for these five minutes and put these things on paper (er, screen).

What things? Oh, my, it’s a varied assortment of pseudo-profundities and pseudo-poetry, rants, outpourings of gratitude, bafflements, and declarations that think they’re manifestos.

So, here goes. I’m getting back on the blog wagon (or is that “off the wagon”? I never can keep that metaphor straight). My friends Rhoda, Jenny, Cathy, and Dawn have joined those other bloggers I wish I knew personally (yeah, you, Hatmaker) to inspire me to take those five minutes – which inevitably turn into 10 – and put all this down.

Jesus is always getting to me (under my skin sometimes, sweet in my heart sometimes), and he’s been after me to say more. Something. Somewhere.

It’s not prophetic, but his creativity flows out of me in words, phrases, sentences, compositions that I have been idling for too long. We are created to create, as my friends Alisha and Dave are so fond of saying.

So, again, here goes. If you want to follow along, this is where I’ll be – every week. Join in.

me. Duh.

me. Duh.

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