“A Year in Posts” challenge

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is arguably the most introspective week in Western culture. These few days spawn Top 10 lists like rabbits: books, movies, celebrity deaths, headlines, discoveries, “moments in sports,” even the Top 10 best performing penny stocks, for Pete’s sake.

Herewith, my own Top 10 list: the “Your year in posts challenge.”

I think it bears reflection, who we are in this public space. It matters. Paradoxically, our social media persona affects both fewer people than we think (we just aren’t that important, really), and more than we think (you never know who’s reading, who’s desperate for a word of Truth or a blessing or a laugh).

So here’s the challenge: let’s take a stroll through our 2016 social media posts and ask ourselves a few introspective questions. (Warning: navel-gazing about to commence, get your lint roller ready….)

1. Do my social media posts bless others? Or burden them?

2. Do they encourage a greater attitude of gratitude, or entitled resentment?

3. Do they lift up or tear down?

4. Do they promote peace or inflame negativity?

5. Do my posts reflect a pursuit of truth? Or do I propagate whatever strikes my fancy without bothering to conduct any due diligence?

6. How do I respond to threads on my post? With respect, or with dismissal? Do I listen to understand, or do I see “my” profile as an unquestionable platform for whatever soapbox (or business endeavor?) I fancy? Am I on this social media platform for dialogue, or for preaching?

7. Do my posts actually reflect what I claim matters most to me? (Here that “Your Year in Words” thing may or may not come in handy.) If I say “faith and family” are the most valuable elements of my life, is that what I talk about in this public sphere? Or is my profile a place to share meaningless dribble?

8. Am I honest, part I: Is my social media profile a place to practice subtle, sophisticated passive aggressiveness?

9. Am I honest, part II: What percentage of my posts are a smooth massage of my reputation? Or am I playing only the highlight reel because it feels like it will help me keep up with the Joneses? (Only the one asking this question of him or herself knows the answer, by the way.)

10. Would I say in person (and to that person) what I say here?

Don’t misunderstand me, dear reader. These are difficult questions for me, too (especially # 9). And I don’t offer them as a tool to heap guilt or regret; most of us got enough of those poisons in our system already.

It’s simply a list to help me think, critically, and hopefully help me better grow into, well, the person my (hypothetical) dog thinks I am. I hope it helps you too – what would you add to this list?

Happy New Year.



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